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KG Football Academy (Danish)

Scaled a personal football trainer from having just a few clients per week (net worth of 2-3000 DKK) to a fully booked week with clients (net worth of 50.000 DKK.)


Helped scale a jewel shop by creating an extra sales channel where they earned an additional revenue of around 200,000 DKK from an ad spend of nearly 10,000 DKK. That’s an average return on investment of 21x 🎉

We achieved this by being confident of our offers and ensuring that tracking was 100 %.

Again structured testing throughout 2-3 weeks was a key part of finding the best ads, which we later scaled in ad spend

Your digital growth partner

  • Comprehensive and advanced marketing strategy based on sales psychology
  • Providing a custom-made expression
  • Bespoke omnichannel solutions
  • Supercharge your results

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Aspire to be better


The first phase revolves around identifying your target audience as well as creating a long-term growth strategy
 The growth strategy includes everything from content management, copywriting, campaign structure, and making sure the foundations are in place for scaling the business 


We meticulously execute on the plan and strategy laid out, ensuring regular communication with you and your brand.

Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of the collaboration, achieved through optimization, testing, and adjustments, ensuring we always maximize the value of every advertising dollar


Transparency is a cornerstone of our collaboration, and nothing is hidden. Continuous reporting is our commitment to you.

We have daily communication via Slack or WhatsApp, you receive a weekly video report, and we conduct a monthly status meeting


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Website // landingpages // CRO

Social ads // Google ads //
E-mail marketing

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Zero binding in our services

We have no binding on our partnership agreements. You are never obliged to work with us for the next 8-36 months like a lot of other agencies.

We are a firm believer that our clients should only stay with us if the value we add to their company is crystal clear.

Our skillset relies on the fundamentals of professionalism, cutting-edge insights into social media algorithms, and lastly a personal touch in communication. We aspire to show our value through measurable results. 

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